Tuesday, January 21, 2014

8w6d and first OB appointment

As I mentioned and promised in our big reveal post, I have actually been writing posts while we have been keeping this secret.  While we weren't ready to share with the entire world, I still wanted to document the entire process. I admire those in the blogasphere that shared their positive news from the beginning..  I "stalked" those blogs within a few weeks of my pregnancy. I love knowing what is to come from other IFs.  The below post is from December 17th, my first OB visit.

Today was my first OB appointment.  It feels SO weird to not be seeing Dr. L anymore.  I am so happy that my OB did her Residency with him though, makes me feel like she will have the same high level of patient service care and knowledge.  My first appointment, however, was not with my actual OB.  Because I did not graduate from the RE until 7 weeks and most initial OB appointments are at 8 or 9 weeks, they just could not fit me in. I have been going to this practice for about 12 years so as an existing patient they were able to have me seen by a Nurse practitioner at another location.  I have to say, this was my longest Doctor's appointment ever.

First up was the Ultrasound.  I walk in and one of the Nurses is a friend! I had completely forgot she works at this other location. At first I was excited to see her and then I was petrified she would tell someone. She assured me she couldn't and would never anyways.  The ultrasound tech was so nice and explained everything she was looking at.  Baby Bell is measuring right on target at 8w6d.  It is so weird that I saw the Baby just 2 weeks ago and all it was just a "yoke" and a heart beat.  Now Baby B has a head, arms, legs and cute little butt!  She also confirmed again that it is just one little baby and actually showed me the other eggs, where I ovulated from. I'll have to do some research on how that works and where they go.  Ugg why did Sex Ed not teach us these things!??!!

Next up was a short interview with the nurse. Since they already have my family history it was mostly about what has happened since my last visit back in July and going over the notes Dr. L sent.  Apparently the HSG had to be added to my surgical history, good to know!  Since I am of Eastern European Jewish descent (and some other risk factors in our background) they recommended meeting with the Genetic counselor along with a few early test.  As part of one of the test I get to prick my finger at 10 weeks and send off the blood to compare to my levels today and at my 12 week appointment. 10 weeks just happens to be Christmas day, fun!

After that I had a Pap (Intrauterine Ultrasound and a Pap in the same day = not fun for an Endo girl!).  My Cervix is bleeding a lot but she assured me that is totally normal and everything else looked great. She answered a lot of my questions, gave me a ton of great information and samples. She also put me on a secondary Nausea med and asked me to add Calcium & Vitamin D to my Vitamin regimen.

I was happy to hear that as long as I am struggling with Nausea I get to eat whatever I can stomach, do not worry about calories. If I had to guess though, I would think I am eating 500-800 a day which is not normal for me at all!  Once the Nausea passes they recommends only adding 200-300 calories to my diet, no eating for two! There goes my Cupcake a day plan! haha.  She suggested eating 3 full meals and a small healthy snack in-between each.

This all still feel surreal but each appointment brings me closer to reality. I think once I start seeing a Belly it will sink in more.  I feel a lot more at ease armed with all of this information and plan to take several of the classes my practice and Hospital offer.  Right now I am struggling with how to tell the remainder of our close friends and family and working on our big Blog & FB reveals.

Almost forgot! Also got our official due date!  July 23rd, 2014!!!!  Corey's Birthday is the 21st so I have promised him he will still always get his Birthday celebrated as well, we don't want to be one of those families that ignores the parent's Birthday, plus I just love celebrating Birthdays!

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