Friday, January 24, 2014

14W2D update

Lots to update on after catching you all up on all that happened while we were hiding this big secret :-).

Last Thursday I had my 13 week appointment, which was actually 3 Doctors appointment and THE longest Doctors appointment of my life! I was at the practice from 11am until 3:30pm!  I am happy to have knocked it all out but it was definitely a long day.

I met with the Genetic Counselor, my OB, ultrasound and gave up 6 vials of blood at the lab.  I am totally in love with my OB and know I made the right choice.  It was amazing to see how much the Baby has grown in the few weeks since my last ultrasound.  Lots of movement, showed off his/her hand and did the "thinking man pose" for us. It was adorable! I am kinda glad I can't feel anything quite yet though because s/he was super active. I finally heard the heartbeat, up until now we could only "see" it beating but it was at a strong 158.

My Nausea is slowly going away but still having the breathing issues and massive food & smell aversions.  I have an appetite again though so that is good news. I have gained back almost all 5 pounds I lost over the Holidays (think this is the only time in my life I will be happy to gain weight).  I am still 3 pounds below my pre-pregnancy weight but I am not too worried. Something tells me that soon I will have to hold back how much I eat.

My Doctor is having me keep a journal about my breathing issues and I am supposed to call her so we can discuss it and decide what to do.  We did move my bike trainer back in the living room, hoping that doing at least a few minutes a day may help -- especially with being able to sleep. I have a dream of being one of those super fit pregnant women but right now I don't see being able to even do a full workout.

Waving hi!

Nice Spine you've got there.

Look at that little tongue sticking out!

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  1. The ultrasound pictures are wonderful. This is so exciting! Hopefully you'll feel less nauseous soon. I couldn't stand smelling some foods while pregnant. Then I gained 50 lbs! It came off very quickly though because of breast feeding and carrying my precious bundle everywhere! ;-)