Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Eating Pinterest (sort of)

If you have visited us over at Pinterest you know I have a healthy obsession.  Corey loves it for Recipes but we share an account so my obsession looks even more insane, especially on nights when we are both on our Ipads pinning!

With the move and half our kitchen still packed up paired with his new 6-day workweek, Corey hasn't really had time to create any new recipes lately so Pinterest has been our best friend.  I even used the grill earlier this week!  I am not sure why I used to be scared of cooking on it but now I love it!

We've had plenty of Pinterest fails but last week we tried two recipes that were amazing, without too much tweaking.
(We didn't take a photo so this pic is from the source blog)
The first was one I made.  Bird's Nest Breakfast Cups.  We used Maple Turkey Sausage from Jimmy Dean, the Maple adds an amazing flavor, and we put them on Buttery Pillsbury Biscuits. They turned out amazing and will definitely be a staple in the Bell house!

Over the weekend Corey made this salad, he did add a lot more lime to the dressing but other than that not too many changes.  Below is our version.
This was SO good!  Was great for wraps as well.

Earlier this week he made Lime Tequilla Chipotle Shrimp Kabobs with inspiration from this recipe and this one, they sound delicious!  Can you tell I love lime?

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