Thursday, June 27, 2013

May Cara Box

I am still new to the Blogger world and am constantly looking for Blogs about Blogging (kinda ironic huh?) anyways on one of my random blog reads I discovered the Cara Box Program over at Wifessionals.  When you sign up you are assigned two partners, one you are sending a box to and one who is sending you a box. Who doesn't love getting a Care Package?  Each month has a theme and May's theme was Carnival.

Throughout the month you get to know both bloggers and then by the 20th you send out your box and blog about by the end of the month.  Great way to meet other bloggers and get our blog out there more.  Plus I LOVE getting packages (I say that already?).

I sent my box over to Brianna at Faithful Footprints.  I found out she has a soft spot for Date Nights and I immediately knew what to put in her box.  I made up a Carnival themed date night for her, I had so much fun shopping for her!  Once her box reveal post is up I will try to link up to (btw can someone explain Blog buttons to me please!?!).  I regret that I had to send out the box a few days after our move so I didn't get to put as many instructions in it for her as I wanted but hopefully she still enjoyed it.

I received my box from Jade over at Life as I know it.  She sent me an adorable collection of Carnival themed goodies including Cotton Candy flavored cookie mix & frosting, a Stamp, some Stickers, a sparkly frame and nail polish.

July's theme is Nautical and one of my partners is in Richmond this time.  How fun!  I can't wait to brainstorm some fun surprises for her.  Have any suggestions?


  1. I loved my box! Thanks, Joanna! My post is UP, finally! I look forward to continue learning more about you and following your adventures! :)

  2. Fun box...and I love the nautical theme this month! I participated for the first time, stop by and check out my link up if you get a chance :)

    1. Thanks for checking me out! I will make sure to check out your blog as well.