Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Quick Tip for Tackling a Mountain of Paper

I have a slight organization problem obsession.  My office at home and work are both color-coded, labeled and everything has their spot.  Seriously even our linen closet has spots labeled for everything.  My best friend gave me a label maker for my Birthday a few years back and there has been no turning back.

During a recent trip to visit the in-laws, I got tired of watching golf a burst of energy and ended up organizing their  kitchen.  It is working really well for them, so my Mother-In-Law, Paula, asked for my tips to help her tackle the rest of the house. 

Paula decided to start with her desk, thanks to a laptop she doesn't really use it anymore and it has just become a landing spot for all things paper.

Anyone else feel like that when you clean? 

To tackle a big project, like the desk, I recommend the box method.  Have a box for shredding, trash, donate, file, and other rooms.  If you don't have boxes available, piles are fine as well, I like boxes because you can move them around easier.

I am happy to report that throwing to-be-shredded items in the a box instead of trying to shred them all at once is working great for my MIL.  Our local credit union has free shredding events every so often, so she doesn't even have to worry about actually shredding the items.

What quick and easy organization method do you use?

Thanks for reading!  


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