Friday, February 8, 2013

One Year Anniversary Cake Smash

I am a huge fan of traditions, both old and creating our own.  September was our 1 year wedding Anniversary, so it was time to come up with something fun for our 1st Anniversary and something to carry on for years to come. 

I absolutely LOVED our wedding cake, CakeAlicious Design Studio is a dear family friend of Corey's and very talented!  Thanks to our top layer being on the larger side we had more than enough to eat a couple slices on our wedding anniversary and have enough leftover for 5 other people!

Like most brides I had spent a good amount of money and time on getting my makeup done for our wedding so I threatened Corey's life if he smashed cake on my face.  (Thank you Tzeira for the below photo).


So why not have fun with it on our anniversary?  Enter my fabulous new idea!  A One Year Anniversary Cake Smash! Babies do it on their 1-year Birthday, so why not?


Crystal Reins Photography captured it perfectly!   She is amazing and we will definitely be using her for years and life events to come (our wedding photos were taken by a photographer who is now out of business).

 The Cake Smash was a blast, but obviously not something we can carry on for years to come.  So we also decided to start taking a photo at the same spot as our favorite Engament photo every year, holding the last years photo.  (Thanks to my sister for the gorgeous frame!)  Eventually it will look like a neato-freato (yes, new word) wormhole (as apposed to a creepy one). It was inspired by this Pinterest Pin.

Do you have an Anniversary Tradition or a planned one?

Thanks for reading! Joanna

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