Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Too early to shop?

Is it bad-luck to buy baby clothes before you are pregnant?
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Is it kinda like buying a wedding dress before you are engaged? I have a friend who did and it has always totally creeped me out (sorry girlie but it is just weird).  Is this really the same thing?

Am I counting my eggs before I even have any? Or am I just buying an egg carton knowing one day I'll have eggs.

Corey says wait, but I mean how adorable and perfect is this one?
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I can't decide, so for the meantime I have not bought anything but I have my eye on several adorable ones that will be perfect when we get pregnant (see still trying to stay positive that we will get pregnant sooner rather than later).  For now, I just stare at them on Pinterest every so often.
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Trying so hard to stay positive and not lose faith.  Trying....

What do you all think? How early is too early? If you have kids, when did you start buying clothes and other items? Would love to hear some feedback!

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