Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Office Pinspiration

After months of purusing Pinterest and Ikea, I think we have finally decided on our office layout/makeover.

In there we currently have

  • two Ikea bookshelves, 
  • a Walmart bookcase, 
  • wire storage cubes, 
  • file cabinet,
  • My wedding dress
  • My PR overflow stock
  • lots of books/files
  • My PR party/team supplies
  • 4.5 yrs worth of PR "stuff"
  • and an Ikea Expedite with Desk extension we bought off of Craigslist 2 years ago (think two columns of the size below). 

The office is 10'4" square and all of the furniture is black.  I hate it, I wish I could replace it all with white furniture, but my checkbook says we aren't rich so it will just be a mix-n-match situation.

photo credit
My original plan was something like the above photo, but when Corey changed jobs he also added the need to fit him into the office, further complicating my plans.

Now I am leaning more towards something like this
photo credit

photo credit

Photo credit
During my last trip through Woodbridge I stopped at Ikea for some organization items and window shopped the desks. I fell in love with this "Malm dressing table":


At Ikea they actually had it set up as a desk, it wasn't until I went to search for it online that I realized it was a dressing table.

Thinking of ending up with something kind of like this:

photo credit

I moved a lot of our books and photoalbums to the Expedite we have in the guest room, which cleared up lots of room for my PR stuff that was living on the floor.  Once I had a clear idea that we wouldn't need too much more storage, I played around with the dimensions and came up with two possible setups.  Keep in mind we will have two printers, one on a printer stand (love the drawers of this for paper etc) and one on Corey's desk (his work printer is a portable small one).

Update: 2nd floor plan with captions:

We are leaning towards the bottom one, feel like it is a lot more open. All of that furniture is existing except for the two desks and printer stand.

I have always loved this rug too, so may put it in the middle, great place for the pets to sleep while we are in there (they don't use pet beds).  Also hoping it will help tie together the black and white furniture. 


Might add some color with curtains like this:
photo credit

So this is what we are planning for now, hopefully sometime early next year.  Until then Corey gets the Dining table--which drives us both nuts.

What do you think? Any suggestions? It is tough because we need a lot of storage but want it to feel open.  I am also contemplating selling the Expedite with Desk, if we get the printer stand with all the drawers I think we could make it work.  The bottom half of it is all crafting supplies which could go in the closet and the top half is files and different types of paper (I have an office supply addiction).

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