Wednesday, September 11, 2013

L'Shana tova Happy New Year

There is no better time for reflection than the Jewish New Year.  I've had a lot on my mind and we have a ton going on.  But I just realized we haven't post a new update since July 31st.  A lot has happened in that time & I wanted to update you all.  I appreciate you following our little blog and please know that Corey will be back soon with some new recipes!

Let's start with the super fabulous news.  As of this Friday, Corey will no longer be climbing towers!  He was recruited for a position as a site tester.  As I understand it, he goes to each tower before any work is done on it & hooks up to the bottom with a special computer.  He will then interpret the data to decipher exactly what is wrong with it and/or if it is capable of upgrades.  After all the work is done he goes back to essentially make sure everything they did works and that the crew did not break anything.  I am sure it is a lot more technical than that, but this is the description that makes sense to me.  Speaking of new jobs, I am absolutely loving my new position at work, along with my new supervisor.

Duck has finally adjusted to the new house, I am so excited I no longer have to wake up at 3am every day.  He still gets up at about 6am but that is not nearly as bad.  Here he is with his favorite toy, panting in the Air Conditioning (yay for having central air!) from playing with it so much.  He is such a goober but we love him.

Over the Labor day weekend Corey wasn't feeling well so instead of going out we opted to finally decorate a little.  It definitely feels a lot more homey.  I love this house so much.  Pictures to come soon.

Last week I took an Art Etching Class with Ms. Sassy Cat and Melissa.  I totally fell in love and Corey said it is his favorite art skill of mine.  I foresee lots of Etched glass gifts for the Holidays and decorating our home.

Our complete projects at TC artworks

my practice piece at home

While searching for some fun pictures for this post, I stumbled upon Women on the fence blog which had the below poem which I just thought was beautiful.

I thought that was perfect for this time of reflection.  I have also been looking in to finding a new temple to attned.  I absolutely love Or Ami and Rabbi Romer (who married us) but they just do not have many activities geared towards young adults without kids, they also do not have many members in their 20-30s and only Friday pm services.  This Friday I hope to attend Yom Kippur services at a new (to us) Temple in town.  They have a young professionals group, book club, movie night, Saturday morning services and lots of other activities that sound intriguing.  It is tough to find a Temple that is receptive and supportive of an interfaith couple but according to a few friends who have attended this Temple, they are.

Wishing a Sweet New Year to you and yours.


  1. As the start of your Jewish new year begins,I pray You and Corey will have a blessed year.I pray each of you will find a place that is good for yall to worship. Have you though about trying a messianic jewish church there are several in richmond

  2. I have heard of them but it is a completely different belief system and just not what I believe. I think it is best for us that we keep our religions separate but both observed within the household, if that makes sense? Neither of us want or plan to convert so going to Temple on Friday or Saturday and Church on Sunday is ok with us. We support each other's belief and Corey is planning to help me "Temple shop" because obviously he wants to be comfortable there as well and I want him to attend services with me just like I do with him.