Friday, April 5, 2013

Pinterest Craft and Food Party

If you are like me, you have a long list of  Pinterest "Pins" and a very short "done" list.  I am absolutely in love with all the ideas I get from the website but I was seriously lacking motivation and time to complete any of the 100 crafts I want to complete.  Thanks to my friend Cheryl's idea I recently hosted a Pinterest party, it was a totally success and lots of fun!

We each brought an appetizer that was from or inspired by a Pinterest idea and the supplies to make a craft. Everyone ended up making wreaths but it was not planned that way.

From the right: Casey made her own inspired yarn-wrapped wreath, she wasn't quite done when we snapped this pic.  Cheryl added flowers to hers and plans to add a monogram letter in the middle.  Michelle, Becky and LuLu were inspired by this pin, I love that LuLu added her own flair.

I actually ended up making two different wreaths:

The one on the left I actually made with Dollar Store flowers!  The ribbon came from Joann Fabrics.  The other wreath was inspired by this pin but I changed it up a little.

I found both my wreath forms at the Dollar Tree.  The yarn, flower pedals, and ribbon are all from Joann Fabrics.  The flowers I actually made out of leaves from a Hydrangea flower and colored pins.  I was not happy with the ribbon used in the original tutorial and couldn't find the right pre-made flower.  The flag says "Bare Feet Welcome", it is perfect to welcome spring.  I just love how it turned out!

Update:  Here is Casey's finished Yarn Wreath

As far as food we had quite a spread, but I forgot to grab a picture of it!
I made this cake, it turned out well but next time I am going to poke a lot more holes it, the actual cake part was a little dry.
Casey made this delicious Thai dish, she actual used low carb noodles so it was even semi-healthy!
Cheryl made this dip, she has made it before & it was so good that I had requested she make it again.  It does have mayo in it though so I may try to make a variation without the mayonnaise.

What have you made lately from Pinterest?  I love seeing completed Pinterest ideas and recipes and hearing how they turned out so please share!

This was not sponsored by Pinterest in any way, we just love the site.

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